Welcome to my website! Here you may not only know more about me, my diplomas and my studies but also be able to contact me.

My Studies

2020 – 2022: IUT de Vélizy, Vélizy, France

2018 – 2020: Lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles, France

2013 – 2018: Lycée Blanche de Castille, Le Chesnay, France


2020 – 2022 : FTTO Pilote & Activity Driver at Orange UIA, Paris

My Diplomas

2015: Cambridge KET

2016: Cambridge PET

2018: Cambridge FCE

2018: BIA

French 100%
English 65%

A few links to know more about me

As I love sciences and more specifically cybersecurity, I’ve made a selection of resources I use pretty much every day.

Where I find good info about sciences:

ArXiv : Science articles

Researcher : I get it on my phone. Arxiv on the go.

Where I look at to check I.T Security news:

Cyware : Cybersecurity new synthesis.

Le Comptoir Sécu (for their show SecHebdo) : French cybersecurity guys who are always late. (<3)

Le Comptoir Sécu (Discord) : A very nice Discord server (especially the #cyberlol channel 😉 )

Zataz : When I have time to read more & longer articles, that’s a very good place to document myself.

ANSSI Cert : I have no professionnal interest in it as I don’t manage any network but stills their reports are very well written.

Last but not least, InfauxSec News, yet the best website about I.T Security.

Where I practice I.T Security :



About Arthur Pons' profile on TryHackme

Where I’m learning new things everyday :

Jason Champagne : This guy is just awesome ! I can’t actually count how many hours I spent on his YouTube channel… Moreover he’s making Twitch lives to learn to code live, and that’s just incredible.

Great Scott ! : A german guy talking about electronics for shitty noobs like me who try to understand how to make good noise filtering circuits 😉 . He’s also working with Hak5.

Zeste de savoir : A French website / forum where you can learn a lot about programming, I.T and sometimes science in general.