Welcome to my website!

Here you may not only know more about me, my diplomas and my studies but also be able to contact me.

My Studies

From 2013 to 2018: Lycée Blanche de Castille, Le Chesnay, France

From 2018 up to now: Lycée Jules Ferry, Versailles, France

My Diplomas

2015: Cambridge KET

2016: Cambridge PET

2018: Cambridge FCE

2018: BIA

French 100%
English 65%

A few links to know more about me

As I love sciences and more specifically cybersecurity, I’ve made a selection of resources I use pretty much every day.

Where I find good info about sciences:

ArXiv: https://arxiv.org

Researcher: https://www.researcher-app.com/

Where I look at to check I.T Security news:

Cyware : https://cyware.com/

Le Comptoir Sécu (especially SecHebdo): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF-ljS9G2ABgsN7P83WDFhQ

Le Comptoir Sécu (Discord): https://discord.gg/m5mHGHb

Zataz: https://www.zataz.com/

ANSSI Cert: https://cert.ssi.gouv.fr

As I (try to) update my website every month, come back later to find out new things 🙂 .